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Random Friday – On a TUESDAY!

January 17, 2011

Apple TV Edition

1) Kisses  by Tracy Bonham – mmm….reminds me of college.

2) Detroit Waves by Matt Nathanson – reminds me of my first summer in Boston.

3) Secret by Mieka Pauley – Love her!

4) I’ll Be There by Jackson 5 – I’m not even sure where this song came from, but I dig it.

5) Can I Stay by Ray LaMontagne – I don’t really know this song, but it does remind me of getting my heart broken.

6) Window by Fiona Apple – I can’t imagine this one. The ones that have lied to me have never been up front and said it…they were cowards.

7) Beautiful Wreck by Shawn Mullins – mmm….Seattle.  I miss my old YJ and cruising around with the top down.

8) Share Your Love With Me by Susan Tedeschi – I love this woman, but when I hear this I think of the Aretha version and cruising my YJ on the Ocean City Sand Dunes with the boys.  Being the only girl out there, I either had my hair in a had and Aretha blasting, or hair all over the place and Beastie Boys blasting.  Had to let them know a girl could keep up.

9) Heavenly Day by Patty Griffin – see #7

10) I Want to Be Your Lover by Prince – I have no idea where this came from AND I don’t even know the song. Curious.  As I went to delete it, I have two versions of it. OK, that’s weird.

This was fun. 🙂


Random Friday – iPod Edition

August 18, 2006

Yes, I bought an iPod finally.  His name is Ian. Or Trish. Apparently he’s a crossdresser.

1. Cordova – Indigo Girls
2.Tea for the Tillerman – Cat Stevens
3. Paint it Black – Vanessa Carlton
4. Put Your Records On – Corrinne Bailey Rae
5. Real Love – David Gray
6. 18th Avenue – Cat Stevens
7. Episode of Blonde – Elvis Costello
8. Alone, Together – The Strokes
9. Blender – Amy Ray
10. Alison – Elvis Costello

What I would have never heard without the iPod – Both Cat Stevens, Corrinne Bailey Ray, Elvis (well, the Alison song at least). These are all things that weren’t on my itunes before this.

Favorite – Right now it’s “Put your records on” – I have to dance to it!

Random Friday – Next week it’ll be an IPOD!!

August 11, 2006

Yes, I am giving in to this dang technology thing and buying an IPOD tonight. Yup. IPOD here we come. I’m actually quite excited, but trying to figure out what to put on the back (2 lines, 17 letters each) – I was thinking something simple like “Coffee Girls Rock” – or “Live with intention.” Ohh..maybe Live with Intention in italian?!?!

OK, I think my batteries are dying in my keyboard, cause this thing is doing some fREAK things!

1. Don’t Pay the Ferryman – Chris DeBurgh
2. Mexican Wrestler – Jill Sobule
3. Fall You Fool – Jeffrey Gaines
4. Think – Aretha Franklin
5. River – Amie Mann
6. Born In the USA – Bruce Springsteen
7. Child of the Road – Joshua Kadison
8. Bom Gia Passageros – O Rappa (I’m sure I spelled this wrong)
9. I’ll Just Let my Piano Play – Joshua Kadison
10. Land of Hope and Dreams – Bruce Springsteen

Favorite? For silly reasons – Don’t Pay the Ferryman. So “deep” in the 80’s – but just cheesy now! I also love….well….all good songs today actually.

Seen Live – 4/7 – not a bad ratio!

Random Friday – Heat Wave!

June 16, 2006

It's gonna be HOT this weekend.   I know, random though – but here's my Random Friday!

1. Cat Stevens – Hard Headed Woman
2. Norah Jones – Something is Calling You
3. Bruce Springsteen – Glory Days
4. Neil Diamond – Thank the Lord for the Night Time
5. Joss Stone – Security
6. Gianluca Grigniani – L'Aiuola
7. Jeffrey Gaines – Praise or Blame
8. Jethro Tull – Skating Away on the Thin Ice of a New Day
9. Mieka Pauley – This Too
10. Bruce Springsteen – Promised Land
11. Kasey Chambers – The Captain

Why this mix rocked – It's summery.  Hard Headed Woman, Glory Days, Thank the Lord…, Skating Away, The Captain. All these songs make me think of driving around in my Jeep with the top down. I miss that.

Song I had to fast forward – Neil. You really have to be in the mood for a clap along song.  I just wasn't I guess.

Singer you may not know about – Mieka Pauley. From Boston – she is AMAZING.  Check her out on her website or on Myspace. She rocks – seriously! 

Random Friday – Beach Edition…

June 2, 2006

I’m heading to the beach today…thought I would knock this out early!

1. Dust 2… by Elvis Costello
2. Bee in a Bottle by Sinead Lohan
3. Give in by Amy Ray
4. Wind Cries Mary by John Mayer
5. If you want to Sing out, Sing out by Cat Stevens
6. Comprimise by Indigo Girls
7. Monkey to Man by Elvis Costello
8. Put it out for Good by Amy Ray
9. My Funny Valentine by Elvis Costello
10. Every Day I write the Book by Elvis Costello

wow Elvis Much? Same with Amy Rat/Indigo Girls. That’s kinda funny. I put that Cat Stevens song on a CD I made for my trip last weekend. Good times.

Not the best of the Sinead Lohan songs, but if you ever have time to check it out “No Mermaid” album rocks.

Random Friday Rocks. The Boss Rocks.

May 19, 2006

1. Dido – White Flag (Life for Rent)
2. Pink – Most Girls (Can't Take Me Home)
3. Johnny Lang – The Way it Makes You Feel
4. Ani DiFranco – If He Tries Anything
5. Bruce Springsteen – All I'm Thinking About (Devils and Dust)
6. Jethro Tull – Song for Jeffrey (Living in the Past)
7. Yellowcard – Sorry Try Again
8. Elvis Costello – 45 (When I Was Cruel)
9. Norah Jones – Day is Done
10. Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run (The Essential)

I told you the universe was telling me to go to Boston next weekend. See the Bruce?!?! 

Favorite Song – The Boss, Born to Run. How could you not pick that one?

Song I'm Most In The Mood To Listen To – White Flag. I had a shitty day, I'm in a meloncholy day.

Song I'd be Most in the Mood to Listen to if the Mood of the Music Was Different – The Way it Makes You Feel.  I'm feeling the words, but the music is sooooo not the mood I'm in. 

Random Friday – Finally Home!

May 5, 2006

Oh…so nice to sleep in my own bed. NOW, if I could just get off that damn left coast time, I'd be fine!

1.  Jeffrey Gaines – In Her Mind (Somewhat Slightly Dazed)
2. Vanessa Carlton – Twilight
3. Indigo Girls – Kid Fears (Live Bootleg from Bellingham WA)
4. Pink (w/scratch) – Respect (M!ssundaztood)
5. Todd Snider – Vinyl Records (New Connection)
6. Vanessa Carlton – Paint it Black
7. David Gray – Be Mine (A New Day at Midnight)
8. Judy Hjarne – 455 Rocket(??)
9. Tutu Cutugno – L'italiano
10. Jimmy Durante – As Time Goes By (Sleepless in Seattle Sountrack)

First thought – Teen Pop?  This mix really made me homesick.  Vanessa Carlton sounds like old Jewel in this song, Judy Hjarne is actually one of my friends doing Kareoke (she rocks), and Vinyl Records is a song everyone should hear once.

Favorite Song – Seriously depends on the mood.  Overall, I would have to say the Jimmy Durante song.

Random Friday – The Blank Edition

April 28, 2006

I have no Random Friday today as my Grandma is sick and I had an emergency flight out to California.    Hence, I am not near my computer to play any music.  Bah.

Random Friday (or Saturday Morning?)

April 22, 2006

Yeah, so I'm a slacker. I have this great reason for it, but unless you know me well….then….well….you don't know about it.  Suffice to say it involves a boy, and my oh my – they are fun.

1. Lyle Lovett – Funny How Time Slips Away (No idea on the album, but it's with Al Green)
2. John Mayer – Back to You (Room for Squares)
3. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong – They Can't Take That Away From Me (At First Sight Sountrack)
4. Groove Armada – Edge Hill (Tomb Raider Soundtrack)
5. Elvis Costello – The Scarlet Tide (The Delivery Man)
6. 50 Cent – In Da Club (Dirty Version)
7. Avril Lavigne – Complicated (??)
8. Elvis Costello – When I Was Cruel No. 2 (When I Was Cruel)
9. Elvis Costello – Either Side of the Same Town (The Delivery Man)
10. Joss Stone – Don't Cha Wanna Ride (Mind, Body, & Soul)

First Thought – Elvis much?  Dang – 6 Gigs worth of music to choose from, and I get 3 Elvis songs.   Although to be fair – perhaps half a gig worth is Elvis

Favorite Song – Hmmm….that's a hard call. I guess Back to You is pretty high up there. I just like to relax to it.

Most Embaressing – It's a toss up between 50 Cent and Avril.  I feel so outed. Those both stem from a small blip of working in this drive through coffee place for a few months where I was the oldest one there by about 10 years.

Song That Requires an Explaination – Groove Armada – I would just like to say I downloaded everything I could find that *might* even be from Tomb Raider *just* to find that song that is at the beginning of the movie when she's fighting the robot. I love that song, it's hot.  And I never found it. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to message me. 

Random Friday

April 15, 2006

One of the blogs I read does Random Friday – and I thought I'd join in. Basically, set your iPod to random (or, for us cheap folks, your iTunes) – and list the first 10 songs that come up.

1. Pete Yorn – Closet (Music for the Morning After)
2. Bruce Springsteen – Countin' on a Miracle (The Essential, CD3)
3. Jeffrey Gaines – First Chapter's Last Page (Galore)
4. Bruce Springsteen – Leah (Devils & Dust)
5. O Rappa – Track 6 (Live Vol. 1)
6. Jonatha Brook – Digging (Steady Pull)
7. Dido – All You Want (No Angel)
8. Indigo Girls – Sister (Come on Now Social)
9. Lyle Lovett – Funny How Time Slips Away (?? it's with Al Green though)
10. John Mayer – Back to You (Room for Squares)

First Thoughts – The girl I took this idea from had a Dido Song from No Angel also. Weird.

Favorite Song – Back to You, I don't know why I like longing-for-love songs when I'm not really the longing-for-love type. They give me comfort that those types are out there.

Favorite Album – My first thought was the Indigo Girls one, because I love them so, and I listen to their albums over and over and over. BUT – this is one album that I haven't listened to much. I know every song on it (as usual), and I LOVE most of them live (Who doesn't love Fay Tucker live?!?!). BUT – the album itself I don't listen to much. IF I knew what album any of my Lyle songs were on, that might be a contestant also – but it comes down to O Rappa. O Rappa is a Brasilian Rock Band that I fell in love with while dating a Brasilian for a year or so (I think it's the only decent thing I took from that relationship) – and that whole live album is the best to blast in the jeep, sing along with (who really needs to know the words?) AND dance around the house to!! I'd write the name of the song, but I would just slaughter the spelling. I do adore this song on here though.
Songs I don't think I've ever heard before – 1, 2, 3, 4 AND 6. That was a boring start of this track!