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So, APPARENTLY I’m the most selfish person on the planet.

April 28, 2006

All right. I'm a single, 30 year old woman who lives in the city.  I spend more on shoes than I should, I spend more going out than I should. I do a ton of volunteer work.  I'm pretty disconnected from my family, so when I do talk to them, it's not like I can "discuss"  the family stuff. It's more of an "I'm doing this – what are you doing" kind of exchange. 

Apparently this makes me the most selfish person ever because all I talk about is myself.  As opposed to what?!?!  Gossiping about other people I know nothing about?  I've been here 15 hours, 8 of which I was asleep for. I've been called selfish at least 5 times by my mom.  Good times.

Add that to the fact that apparently, my new eating habits (gluten free and healthy) are too much of a burden for her.  Ugh.

Sorry – had to let this out before I blow up at her.  It's going to be a LONG 5 days.  Someone shoot me.


Random Friday – The Blank Edition

April 28, 2006

I have no Random Friday today as my Grandma is sick and I had an emergency flight out to California.    Hence, I am not near my computer to play any music.  Bah.

It’s beautiful out! The birds! They’re singing!

April 27, 2006

So, I just went for an early morning short walk to return some movies and amply caffeinate myself, since I got no sleep and I heard the most beautiful bird.

The bird was singing such a joyous birdie song that it almost sounded like it was out of Cinderella or Snow White – and he was there to greet me personally and lift my spirits this morning.  It made me think of Nana.  Nana is another grandma – my mother's mom.  She's the on that raised me after my mom flew to coop, she's the one I always went "home" to.  I miss her dearly.

One of the best memories of Nana is her coffee.  She would drink instant coffee with a little cream all day long.  The noise the solid spoon would make clanking against the ceramic cup was just a sound that brings me home. Every so often, I'll be at a diner with the perfect cups and spoons, and stirring my coffee (I drink mine black, but always must test for sound density) and I close my eyes and think about her.

 Nana had the most uncomfortable chairs in the front yard that papa had made forever ago. That is where he died of a heart attack when I was about 6 or 7.  They were papa's chairs. They're the oldest wood, and the most solid strung cord. They were huge, so you couldn't get away from the fact that they were just uncomfortable when they dug into your legs.  BUT.  BUT!  When she came out to sit, she would bring out the seat cushions.  I don't know where they came from – but they were solid creme material, almost like courderoy, and very fluffed up with filling – they turned the uncomfortable chairs into a little bit of a dreamland oasis.  I'd sit with Nana, while she sat there stirring coffee, and she would point out the birds in the yucca tree, singing away.  Why do they sing?  I would ask.  I'd like to offer up some poetic answer that she gave me, some great wisdom I carry with me, but I didn't get that.  Nana said – Oh, I don't know, they just do.  She's been gone about a year and a half now. Although the last 4 or 5 years of her life, she was unable to talk due to a stroke, and not quite Nana.  I miss her most.

So – this morning, the most beautiful bird was singing, and I think it was Nana calling to tell me that everything is OK.  It just is.  They sing because they just do. 

Dad just called…

April 27, 2006

So, I have 3 Grandma's. Grandma Anne, Nana, and Maxime. Maxime is my Step-Mom's mother. She entered my life when I was about 9, and being the only girl in the family, I got treated like a princess. She was an amazing grandma to me all my life. She's been sick a lot lately, but my dad just called to let me know that I need to get a flight out.

Let's note the fact that my dad called me at 1AM my time. First, he NEVER calls me unless something is wrong. Let alone so late. I honestly though he was calling to tell me she died.

The parents paid for the flight, I leave today at 2PM to go out there. This is probably the last time I'm seeing her.

So let me get this straight, my grandmas are dead, dying, and divorcing. Isn't that weird?

Le Bolle!! È ritornato a me!!

April 26, 2006

Oh!!  I was walking down South Street today – and I saw ANOTHER bubble!  It wooshed right by my foot and walked with me about 1/2 a block between 6th and 5th.  Had I not been fully amassed in the wonder of it, I would have taken a picture.  It's almost as if it was saying "Good Afternoon Coffee Girl!  How are you on this BEAUTIFUL spring day?"

Then I heard someone say something about the bubbles, and I look up to see like 20 or so of them gliding down the street.  Sadly, in doing so, I lost my little pal that was walking with me.

I looked around and tried to see where they may be coming from, but I was unable.  Alas, I desperately want to get a bottle of bubbles and a rooftop somewhere, as watching bubbles made EVERYONE happy!   No one hated the bubbles, no one was mad at the bubbles. They were just bubbles, and they made everyone giggle. What a perfect invention.  Happy Bubbles.  Le Bolle Felici.

My Grandparents are Getting a Divorce

April 25, 2006

My dad just told me today that my grandparents (his parents) are getting a divorce. Seriously. Who gets a divorce at that age? I'm trying to decipher my feelings toward this whole calamity. I think the overall feeling is one of anger, though I'm not so sure why.

Grandpa Bob and Grandma Anne. They just kinda go together.

My G'ma is this bitchy thing, just like Great Grandma, and I'm sure my Great Great Grandma. By the way – Great Grandma is still alive. I dislike her, but that's another story I will probably never get around to telling. I knew Great Great Grandma until I was about 7, and I have pictures of me with my Great Great Great Grandma, who I think died when I was one. Either way – the women in this family (woo hoo – my genes too!) must be utter bitches to live forever the way they do. It's a given, right?

Anyway, G'ma is this frizzy haired, bitchy thing that calls her grandchildren "little shits." Actually she may call everyone a "little shit." She bakes AMAZING things like baby cookies that I would kill for, Colachki (spelling??) that everyone but me seems to like, strudel with layers rolled out so thin you could see through them, and rum cookies with too much rum. She knits like there is no tomorrow – I know because even though I am the one that ran away, can't hold down a job, and by far not her favorite, I still have like 4 or 5 blankets she made me since high school. She makes her family buy knitted slippers or washcloths if they want them, but if you only want one, she'll just give it to you. $6 a pair, and trust me THEY ARE A STEAL!!! I always have a stash of a couple pairs and I give them to all my friends. She won't miss BINGO at the Leisure League (Seisure League we call it – hehe!) for anything. Not my College Graduation (I was the first in the family with a bachelors!), not grandpa's chemo. Nothing.


Seriously though. She's fucking crazy.

Grandpa Bob on the other hand, is like my dad.  Only prematurely grey (when he was like 20) and bearing a striking resemblance to a younger Colonel Sanders (seriously – it's freakish).  He likes to do things with his hands, used to run a cabinet shop with my dad, builds RC plans and recently took up sewing – he makes these cool carry all bags.  On a side note, when I tried to buy one from him, he insisted I take it and not pay him.  He's fairly laid back, though can hold a grudge (I remember those years he and my dad didn't talk after the shop shut down).  He says what he thinks, but isn't mean or anything. He's a grandpa.  He's good at it.

A few years back (sometime right before I graduated college I think?) he got throat cancer from cigarettes, or some sort of swisher cigar thing, and had half his tongue removed.  He had some other cancer, a couple bypasses, and I'm *sure* there's something else there. He's like the bionic man, half parts. He will never die also.

This is why they belong together. Neither one of them will find anyone else. They belong together.  OK – and they can barely afford to live together – HOW THE HELL are they going to live apart? They already sleep in seperate bedrooms, really – what's the difference?

I don't know – it's all so weird, and for some reason, I'm angry.  It really doesn't affect me much, I just don't want to see them get lonely or something.  So what if they hate each other. They've been doing it for Fifty something years.  They already do what they want when they want in a house together – why screw that up? 

Loopiness is fun…

April 22, 2006

Of all the things, I spent the last few BEAUTIFUL days being sick inside.  Now it's pouring rain.  Just as well though. I still feel loopy from the barrage of cold medication I took to make myself feel better. Some people *pay* good money for this high.  Here I am wishing it would go away!  Although it is *kinda* fun!

Random Friday (or Saturday Morning?)

April 22, 2006

Yeah, so I'm a slacker. I have this great reason for it, but unless you know me well….then….well….you don't know about it.  Suffice to say it involves a boy, and my oh my – they are fun.

1. Lyle Lovett – Funny How Time Slips Away (No idea on the album, but it's with Al Green)
2. John Mayer – Back to You (Room for Squares)
3. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong – They Can't Take That Away From Me (At First Sight Sountrack)
4. Groove Armada – Edge Hill (Tomb Raider Soundtrack)
5. Elvis Costello – The Scarlet Tide (The Delivery Man)
6. 50 Cent – In Da Club (Dirty Version)
7. Avril Lavigne – Complicated (??)
8. Elvis Costello – When I Was Cruel No. 2 (When I Was Cruel)
9. Elvis Costello – Either Side of the Same Town (The Delivery Man)
10. Joss Stone – Don't Cha Wanna Ride (Mind, Body, & Soul)

First Thought – Elvis much?  Dang – 6 Gigs worth of music to choose from, and I get 3 Elvis songs.   Although to be fair – perhaps half a gig worth is Elvis

Favorite Song – Hmmm….that's a hard call. I guess Back to You is pretty high up there. I just like to relax to it.

Most Embaressing – It's a toss up between 50 Cent and Avril.  I feel so outed. Those both stem from a small blip of working in this drive through coffee place for a few months where I was the oldest one there by about 10 years.

Song That Requires an Explaination – Groove Armada – I would just like to say I downloaded everything I could find that *might* even be from Tomb Raider *just* to find that song that is at the beginning of the movie when she's fighting the robot. I love that song, it's hot.  And I never found it. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to message me. 

Easter Bunny Prominade on South Street…

April 16, 2006

Photo_041606_001.jpgand apparently people dress up the dogs!  The cutest was when she jumped on her back legs!!

It’s official…

April 16, 2006

Photo_041406_001.jpg …It's springtime in Philly!!