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Oh No….it’s another “Must Do” thought…

March 13, 2006

If you know anything about me, you know I have this weird thing that happens when I get something WAY to big that I should do in my head. I MUST DO IT. It’s never anything horrible, it’s just something that I must do. Perfect examples of this are – opening a coffee stand, moving across the country to get season tickets to a hockey team (go flyers!), completely changing professions. So this is where this new one that hit me today worries me, as I don’t have the money to do it. I guess within the year, I will have the money in my stocks that I can sell them off and do this, and that is what I will have to do.

I want to go to Italy. I will need to look it up and see what I really want to do there. I know I don’t want to take a normal “touristy” trip, and I know that I want to go by myself. And I know that it will be a project with my food limitations (augh…no pasta or dairy?!?! This will be mad!). Maybe I can do some sort of coffee related trip. Yeah. Coffee!!! Seriously – this is how major life things happen to me. Within the span of 10 minutes, I can plan this whole thing – which will take a week of my life and dwindle down my savings. Eh – I was saving too much anyway.

What makes this really weird, is that I have been learning italian for about 10 years (see last post) and haven’t taken it seriously. I just suddenly got the urge to take it seriously (weird, eh?). Good timing too, cause classes start tomorrow. And I haven’t been for months. I need to go now. I need to catch up now. I need to take this seriously.


Perché Questo Blog è in Italiano…

March 13, 2006

Or, “Why This Blog is in Italian….” I take Italian lessons. Nevermind that I’m horrible at them, and the fact that I’ve been taking them for 10 years and I can barely speak it. They’re fun, and I try to randomly throw the language into my life. I have my gmail account in Italian too. Good times!~

I thought I’d add another picture of me, since the last one was atrocious (did I spell that right?)…