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Another Year Gone…

December 31, 2007

So the only blogging I did was to post some restaurant reviews!  Bad, Bad me!  I’ve had so much to say this past year, but got so swamped with school, work, casts, life….you know. The basic excuses.

So – the past year. What has happened?

– I moved to the North End. I love it here. I’ve actually thought about buying a place here. THAT is how much I love it.  It won’t happen any time soon.

– I became a Physics teacher.  Strange, since I haven’t passed the Physics MTEL, and I’m licensed in Math. But, this gave me a great position at school, and I hope to pass the MTEL this spring.

– I switched schools. I stopped the math program at Harvard, and am working on a Physics program at BU.  I’m going to attempt the GREs this year and try to get into BU.  Wish me luck!!

– I finally went back to spring training. This time in Florida. I had so much fun – went with someone who became a great friend (Tm) through the year, but I have recently had a falling out with.  I’m pretty bummed about that.

– I went to Chicago with school, and hit up a Cubbies game. Went to NY for a Yankees game and met a new friend (Mg) on the bus ride home.  I hung out with an old friend in NY (Lr), and even made it back to Sea-town for Turkey day to visit old friends (Ph and Tf).

– My family seems to be on the right track.  Both brothers and sis have 1 year olds, and it seemed to settle everyone down. Nice.

So much happened this past year!  On to the next one!