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Fiona Apple at the Tweeter Center….

July 29, 2006

So….I *finally* got to see what the Tweeter Center in CAMDEN looks like….instead of driving to Boston to check out theirs. I actually like Boston’s better – it’s more “open air” which is what we could have used last night. How does an outdoor arena feel “stuffy”?!?!

Fiona was great. Weird as usual. She writhes around the stage a lot. It’s kind of amusing. She doesn’t let the cameras on her – so the view on the TVs were actually worse than the view from out seat. But – the view from our seat was great, so I’m not complaining.

Damien Rice opened for her. Do we know who this guy is? I always thought he was a guy-with-guitar-john-mayer type – but apparently he’s all funky and electric in concert. I liked the songs he slowed down – but when his band played it seemed like a lot of obnoxious noise.

Overall – a fabulous evening, a nice concert, and great weather!



July 26, 2006

I’m back in Philly after 4 days in Boston. I have this melancholy homesickness feeling going on, and it’s weirding me out.  I want to go back to Boston. I can’t afford to move, I don’t have a job, and I don’t even want to deal with all the crap of moving. But, I want to be there. Weird, eh?

Moving on….

July 26, 2006

Wow….what a busy couple of weeks!  I went out to Boston to take the MTEL (Mass Test for Education Licensure). The morning was the communication and literacy skills part – I had to write essays and stuff.  I soooooo hope I passed that, as I really disliked it, and don’t want to have to take it again!  The afternoon was the math test. I don’t think I passed it, but who knows really?  It would be cool if I did.

I did find out that you don’t *need* your license to get a job. And if you get a job, you get an emergency license, and then you have 3 YEARS to pass the test. *that* is kinda crazy – but i’m going with it. I’m going to spend this weekend applying for teaching jobs in Boston. Maybe I’ll get something and have to move sooner!  That would be crazy, but still cool. 🙂

I met a cool guy to hang out with when I was out there, Tom.  We went out to a couple bars and got tanked. I really needed that after killing that test. I was pretty upset from that.

I did the silliest thing on Sunday that for some reason I really loved. There’s this wading pool in the middle of the park in Boston – where they usually have a skating rink in the winter….and we walked around there, got some slushies…it was really kick back and nice.

Well, back to the daily grind!

The Big Dig…

July 11, 2006

I received the following in an email today:

The following appeared on
Headline: Woman killed when part of ceiling falls in Big Dig tunnel
Date:     July 11, 2006

“A woman was killed when three-ton concrete panels fell from the
ceiling of a Big Dig tunnel and crushed the car she was riding in late
Monday night, Massachusetts Turnpike Authority officials said. The
driver escaped through a car window.”

To see this recommendation, click on the link below or cut and paste it
into a Web browser:

That’s fine. Interesting information.  Emailed to me from the ex-boyfriend that I just split with. All these questions going through my head about this whole break up, all the broken heart that I finally cleared about 12 hours without thinking about him – and seriously – THIS is what he emails me?!?  He also put a little note that it was the part of the tunnel that we went through going to the airport.  That would be the part that I freaked out – cause I hate tunnels.

Are you fucking kidding me?

A fabulous baseball weekend…even if someone stole my chicken.

July 9, 2006

If you knew how easily I move on after boyfriends, you would be in awe to know I am still broken hearted about this last one. *sigh* I’m working on it though.
I went with a friend to the Phillies game Friday night. I got the fireworks out of my system. They had an amazing fireworks show! It made me feel better after missing the 4th of july.

So I wake Saturday morning. Almost Saturday afternoon I guess. I’m thinking – that game was fun. I should go to another. So I rented a car and drove to DC to hit a Nationals game. Yes, that’s me.

I posted a fun post on Craigslist (that’s how I roll) – and found a boy to hang out with.

The game was great. Well, it was great if you’re a Padres fan. Not so good if you’re a Nats fan 😉 Anyway – Young was pitching for the Padres, and he’s on my fantasy baseball team – so I was so rooting for him (5-2 they won!). And I love Mike Cameron, who used to be on the Mariners – and he hit a homer on his first at bat.

I bought a Nationals “Eagle”(seriously – it’s a CHICKEN!) – spent $30 on the damn thing – and someone STOLE it after the game at the bar. I was pretty pissed.

The I stayed in DC, and went to a cool outdoor sports bar for the World Cup Game (Yeah! Italia!). I drove home today – all sportsed out and chickenless. I can’t even find one on line. If you see one – let me know!

Fireworks at the BallPark….

July 8, 2006


Well….at least shit will get done around the house….

July 5, 2006

Seriously. I have this vengence to get stuff done right now. I guess I channel my negative energy well. I actually made a grocery list, went through a pile of mail, unpacked my bags, did the dishes, watched a movie, killed to spiders (if you knew how hard this was for me, you would understand), balanced my checkbooks, paid my bills, read a book, AND I’m even finally blogging again. Too bad I have nothing useful to say.

I feel like getting shit out about this whole break up, but I don’t even know what to say. It was so weird. Here I’ve met someone amazing, and things just didn’t work out right.  My best friend is confused as all hell. She says it’s the first time I’ve ever dumped someone and wanted to keep them after. She says that usually I don’t dislike the man, and don’t always want to dump them, but once I do I feel so free of it, and move on so fast. I’ve been called “cold hearted bitch” by many ex boyfriends for my speed of moving on. My theory is that once it’s done, it’s done. What else can you do about it. But this one was left in such a way, that I’m confused as to what happened, and not sure it was for the best.

I’m very sad and confused about it. I will obey the last poster, and mope around a bit.  I definately had a bit of dark chocolate today – and finished off the best damn gluten-free apple pie I’ve ever had. OK, so it was the first gluten-free apple pie I’ve ever had, but whatever. It was damn good. Thank goodness that it was little – of I’d be sick right now.

Thank goodness for my friends too – they’re dragging me out like they should. Tomorrow I’m going to a concert, and I’m making a point to make it to the gym every day.  My friend got me a friends and family discount at a fabulous hotel in Boston for my next trip out there (22nd to test for being a teacher!) – and my other friend made plans to have dinner with me when I was out there. It will all work out and be OK.

I’m only hoping my memories of the Boston Airport will be of the “first trip” variety – where we ran to the car to have sex in the parking garage – as opposed to the “end of trip” variety, where I was dropped off and ended up crying to the ticket lady. I did get bumped to first class though. 😀

I Actually Missed the Fireworks….

July 4, 2006

Please, someone tell me they cancelled the Philly fireworks because of the kinda rain/storm going on. I’d like them to have been cancelled so that I don’t feel so bad for NEVER LEAVING MY HOUSE TODAY! Seriously – I’m in such a funk.  I guess that’s what happens when you go through a breakup. I feel strange that I’m more affected by this breakup – after only a month with this guy, then I was with the last one that lasted over a year. I’m really sad about it!

I don’t want to go out, cause I want to save every penny I can right now and I’m not in the mood to flirt for drinks. THAT is sad.

Don’t Be a Jerk…

July 4, 2006

I have this list called famous last lines.  It’s the list of shit men say that makes me end the relationship. It’s a sad list. But sometimes it’s funny.   I just spent 3 hours dealing with a crabby boyfriend, trying to be as sweet as possible, since it isn’t my fault he’s pissy.  I finally let go with one crabby comment (seriously – I should have let about 20 fly by then) – and he says “Don’t be a Jerk.”


I could whine about all the stuff that happened, but suffice to say – I was supposed to come home tomorrow, and I came home last night.  And that required buying a ticket that cost more than the whole round trip ticket cost me!

I’d like to be a jerk about this and say all these things, but the truth is I really liked this guy.  More than I remember liking anyone in years.   I’m pretty sad about the whole situation, but it had to be done.  I don’t want to be with someone who makes me feel like crap a lot. Which he has been.