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North End Eats – Giacomo’s Restaurant

April 26, 2007

Dinner – Wednesday, April 25, 2007 – Every time I’ve been by this place, I see a huge line out the door. I never knew why, since it’s cash only (I hate that), no reservations, and there’s a million super places on the same street.  We showed up at about 4:45, early for dinner, and had to wait outside in the rain, even though there was someone inside eating, and they knew we were waiting.

The server we had wasn’t fun, but the food was awesome, so I guess that made up for the annoying broad.

On the other hand – why is there always a line?  Turns out, this place has $17 bottles of wine.  Tons of them.  AND a $37 bottle of BAROLO!  I LOVE that stuff!

I had grilled salmon with tons of fabulous veggies.  They were good, but not marinated in anything, or anything more than I could have made at home. Except with a $37 bottle of Barolo.


North End Eats – Bacco

April 23, 2007

Dinner – Sunday, April 22, 2007 – The sun was shining, and the doors were swung wide open down the whole side of the building – beckoning me, asking me to come and hang out. Seriously, it was calling my name!

I started off with a fabulous glass of wine (although I don’t remember which one?), and then moved on to an super yummy caprese appetizer. I thought it was a little small for the price ($10) – with just 4 small chunks of chese, 3 slices of tomato, and a little mixed greens. Apparently, it also comes with some sort of giant “crouton.”

Dinner was just another appetizer, one of the specials, which was a stuffed pepper. It was stuffed with ground beef, rice, peppers, tomatoes, something else, something else….oh it was SO YUMMY!!

North End Eats – Ristorante Lucia

April 19, 2007

Lunch – Thursday, April 19, 2007 – I walked in and had to wait a bit to even see someone that worked there. Although, it was a slow Thursday daytime, so perhaps they just don’t really plan for lunch?  I asked about things that don’t involve flour or pasta – and he just handed me a dinner menu and said there were more things in there.  I wasn’t excited with that answer, and had to still ask more questions (apparently – baked chicken is breaded, and sautéed chicken is not). 

I ended up with the Chicken Marsala. It was OK. The chicken was dry, but the no-flour (made to order) marsala sauce and billions of mushrooms were fabulous!  It is probably usually served with pasta or something of that nature, since the order was pretty small. It would have been nice if they offered something that they could give me instead, but I also should have asked.

The place was kinda weird in that everything had a fake white marble to it. The bathrooms looked like a mountain threw up in it. It was kinda bizarre.  They take credit cards, as well as reservations on that reservation system, but overall, I just felt it was an OK.

North End Eats – Mother Anna’s

April 18, 2007

211 Hanover – Lunch – Wednesday, April 18, 2007 –  We came into some old Italian opera music that made me dread my decision the second I walked in the door.  You walked right into a giant bar that looks like it would be fun and lively on a Friday night – and I felt a little better.   The place had a great little brick wall feel, and tons of signed Boston Bruins stuff all over some of the walls. So, once I got past the music, I was in love.

For an appetizer we started with the Peppers and cheese – which is like the regular caprese with roasted red peppers instead of the tomatoes. It was delish!  I got a pomegranate martini that was on the specials sheet, and it was AMAZING. Pomegranite vodka mixed with Citrus vodka. I have to remember that. I ordered the Pollo Venenzia – which is a Lemon Mushroom Artichoke chicken. Now, I don’t like lemon, so I’m not sure why I ordered it. Turns out, it’s in a lemon BUTTER sauce.  And by butter, I mean the plate probably had a whole stick of it.  It was amazing!  And huge.   My friend got the tortellini special – something with cheese, mushrooms, peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, stuff like that. It looked great!

 I walked down to the bathroom on the bottom floor, and they have 2 full rooms of more tables, which brick and stone walls – had a nice homey feel to it.

 Overall the place was really good. I give it almost a great!

North End Eats – Boston Beanstock Coffee Co.

April 17, 2007

Seriously – my new favorite coffee joint!

First of all, they have free internet. I know, because I’m typing this from there right now.  They have 1883 syrups, and if you’ve ever been with me when I find a place that has those, you KNOW how much I love them. Slight boo to the fact that they don’t have the tootsie-roll like chocolate flavor, but they have real caramel sauce, so I’ll forgive them.

I ordered a double super-dry cappuccino, which was a little wet for my taste, but had a fair amount of foam.  I asked for caramel, and they gave me some, but not enough to sweeten it for real.

On to dinner – I ordered a Porto-belly Panini (please, don’t lecture me about bread right now, I KNOW). Oh my god. It was amazing.  I did have them add some mozzarella cheese to it – and they did it well. Just enough that it made it all cheesy, but not too much that it took away from the goat cheese that was already on there.  Add that to the yummy marinated mushrooms, caramelized onion, and whatever the super sauce is on there. This thing was SPECTACULAR! Yum.

I’ll give this one a GRRRREAT!

North End Eats – Daily Catch

April 17, 2007

Lunch, Tuesday, April 17, 2007 – A big green awning welcomes you to one of the smallest eateries on Hanover.  Two tables of 6, One table of 4, and two tables of barely 2, as well as a studio apartment size kitchen, fridge, and somehow, a full 3 compartment sink completely fill the room. There’s no door to a storage area, or for that matter, a restroom (they send you across the street to Caffe Vittoria if you need to use it)!  This place could only have the freshest of food, since there is NOWHERE to store it if it wasn’t brought in today!

 The menu is posted on the wall, in chalk, and outlining the different offerings – although it looks pretty basic and probably doesn’t change all that often. I was a bit taken aback by the prices for how small and hole-in-the-wall it is (about $20-$30 a meal).   I saw clams casino on the menu, and may have to come back for that.   They also have a homemade “Black Pasta” that looks interesting.

 Water was served in a plastic, small, toss-away cup, and the meal was served in the pan it was cooked in!  I ended up ordering Scallops Linguine (I know, I shouldn’t have pasta!) – and it was AMAZING.  Scallops were cooked perfectly, tossed with olive oil, lots of garlic, and the linguine. YUM!  Before the meal, the bread was your basic Italian loaf, soft on the inside and hard on the outside.

 The waitress was great – sweet, and offered ideas whenever you asked questions!

 Overall – good to great! YUM!

So It Goes…

April 17, 2007

I love that song, and now I have it in my head….

So here I am in Boston. It’s Spring Break from school, and I’m sitting in a small coffee shop (Boston Coffee Co. in the North End), and realized it’s been forever since I updated my life. Not sure who’s reading – but wow…if you don’t really know me, then this will be a 180 flip in my world you’ll hear about.

I’m in Boston, I LOVE it here. Seattle I loved the city, but not the people. Philly, I loved the people, but eh on the city.  And now, like Goldilocks, I feel like this is Just Right.

On the first of May I’m moving to the North End. While not my dream apartment (that one got stolen right out from under me), it is my dream area. And I like it.  I have a job at a local high school that is in a bunch of movies (uber cool). This year I’m teaching Honors freshman math, and regular freshman math. Next year I’ll probably be teaching Physics to stay at the same school.  I love the place.

I work weekends at a local dive diner. It’s actually a pretty famous place, and in a bunch of movies too.  In spare time, I’ve become (?) a baseball freak. I’m not a Red Sux fan, but I appreciate the love this city has for their crap team.  I found new friends, one of which I went on a Spring Training trip with this spring to FL. It was amazing!!  I’ve decided to renew my plan to hit every baseball park out there in MLB. I’ll have to list those in a bit.

I also have a goal of hitting EVERY restaurant in the North End – which may take forever, and i plan to write my little reviews here.

What else?