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Random Friday – iPod Edition

August 18, 2006

Yes, I bought an iPod finally.  His name is Ian. Or Trish. Apparently he’s a crossdresser.

1. Cordova – Indigo Girls
2.Tea for the Tillerman – Cat Stevens
3. Paint it Black – Vanessa Carlton
4. Put Your Records On – Corrinne Bailey Rae
5. Real Love – David Gray
6. 18th Avenue – Cat Stevens
7. Episode of Blonde – Elvis Costello
8. Alone, Together – The Strokes
9. Blender – Amy Ray
10. Alison – Elvis Costello

What I would have never heard without the iPod – Both Cat Stevens, Corrinne Bailey Ray, Elvis (well, the Alison song at least). These are all things that weren’t on my itunes before this.

Favorite – Right now it’s “Put your records on” – I have to dance to it!


Random Friday – Next week it’ll be an IPOD!!

August 11, 2006

Yes, I am giving in to this dang technology thing and buying an IPOD tonight. Yup. IPOD here we come. I’m actually quite excited, but trying to figure out what to put on the back (2 lines, 17 letters each) – I was thinking something simple like “Coffee Girls Rock” – or “Live with intention.” Ohh..maybe Live with Intention in italian?!?!

OK, I think my batteries are dying in my keyboard, cause this thing is doing some fREAK things!

1. Don’t Pay the Ferryman – Chris DeBurgh
2. Mexican Wrestler – Jill Sobule
3. Fall You Fool – Jeffrey Gaines
4. Think – Aretha Franklin
5. River – Amie Mann
6. Born In the USA – Bruce Springsteen
7. Child of the Road – Joshua Kadison
8. Bom Gia Passageros – O Rappa (I’m sure I spelled this wrong)
9. I’ll Just Let my Piano Play – Joshua Kadison
10. Land of Hope and Dreams – Bruce Springsteen

Favorite? For silly reasons – Don’t Pay the Ferryman. So “deep” in the 80’s – but just cheesy now! I also love….well….all good songs today actually.

Seen Live – 4/7 – not a bad ratio!

Creperie Beaumonde is the place to be….

August 6, 2006

I went there for breakfast today. We sat inside, since they opened up 10 minutes late, and by then, I was hot sitting out in the sun. I’m sure it would have been nicer in the shade, but it was sooooo cool inside. Mmmm….nice. I hung out with Soozie’s friend Jason (well, I guess he’s my friend now too) that I ran into that AM.
Anyway – Creperie Beaumonde – it was VERY good. I’m sure it would have been even better if I could….I don’t know….eat crepes? I LOVE crepes. I LOVE plain, with butter and sugar crepes. Mmmm. But I can’t have them. I did have some great special with crab meat, avacado creme, and corn salsa. I’m sure there was more too it, but it was very good. Add that with a side of bacon and maple syrup. Good stuff. That and a mimosa was the perfect start to my Sunday.

“…in the last five years…” doesn’t mean anything!

August 6, 2006

I ran across the funniest quote today while reading the Sox “TC’s Mailbag” on

but the Yankees have seemed invincible before (for example, when they added A-Rod in ’04, Randy Johnson in ’05, and Johnny Damon in ’06) and have less World Series titles than the Sox in the last five years.”

Seriously? This Sox fan is high. They say “World Series titles in the last five years” as if the Sox have won 4 of 5 – or even 2! 5 years in baseball doesn’t mean much of anything!! Try the last 88 years?!? That would be Yankees 24 and Sox 1. Seriously. People are funny.

Not only that – he had to say the last 5 years cause 5 years ago – the Yanks won it THREE TIMES IN A ROW! Three. In a row. C’mon – they Yanks didn’t even win it for the whole of the 80’s and half of the 90’s – that doesn’t make them any less of a force now.

Piffle. People say funny things.

The Deck at Cavanaugh’s River Deck

August 1, 2006

Wow. It was nice. I can imagine this place is hopping on weekends, and all sorts of nuts, but we went on a Monday night. That would be an All-You-Can-Eat-Crab Monday night. It was SWEET! The crab was sooooo good, I think I will become a regular. It was nice out, a bit hot, nice company (Kwe). I need to remember to bring a citronella candle next time though – cause the mosquitoes were biting!

Black Crowes at Penn’s Landing

August 1, 2006

So….Sunday I made it to the “other” venue at Penn’s Landing (the one at Festival Pier where Ice Skating used to be) to see the Black Crowes with Matt. It was funny, cause neither one of us knew half the songs, and he was pretty bothered by the fact that they didn’t play “She Talks to Angels.” Some chick he met up with after snorted at him and said “that’s because they were playing for their *real* fans, not you mainstream ones.” Sweet. Who knew they were so snobby? haha.

Anyway – it was a beautiful night. Not as nice of a venue as the other Penn’s Landing place with the big concrete ampatheatre – which has so many places you can actually sit down. This one is like a stage in a parking lot. They did have an indoor place with air conditioning which was cool though. Haha. Cool air conditioning. Yes, I am a dork.