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Black Crowes at Penn’s Landing

August 1, 2006

So….Sunday I made it to the “other” venue at Penn’s Landing (the one at Festival Pier where Ice Skating used to be) to see the Black Crowes with Matt. It was funny, cause neither one of us knew half the songs, and he was pretty bothered by the fact that they didn’t play “She Talks to Angels.” Some chick he met up with after snorted at him and said “that’s because they were playing for their *real* fans, not you mainstream ones.” Sweet. Who knew they were so snobby? haha.

Anyway – it was a beautiful night. Not as nice of a venue as the other Penn’s Landing place with the big concrete ampatheatre – which has so many places you can actually sit down. This one is like a stage in a parking lot. They did have an indoor place with air conditioning which was cool though. Haha. Cool air conditioning. Yes, I am a dork.


Fiona Apple at the Tweeter Center….

July 29, 2006

So….I *finally* got to see what the Tweeter Center in CAMDEN looks like….instead of driving to Boston to check out theirs. I actually like Boston’s better – it’s more “open air” which is what we could have used last night. How does an outdoor arena feel “stuffy”?!?!

Fiona was great. Weird as usual. She writhes around the stage a lot. It’s kind of amusing. She doesn’t let the cameras on her – so the view on the TVs were actually worse than the view from out seat. But – the view from our seat was great, so I’m not complaining.

Damien Rice opened for her. Do we know who this guy is? I always thought he was a guy-with-guitar-john-mayer type – but apparently he’s all funky and electric in concert. I liked the songs he slowed down – but when his band played it seemed like a lot of obnoxious noise.

Overall – a fabulous evening, a nice concert, and great weather!