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A week later…

March 19, 2011

So I’m a week past my first real surgery to deal with as a grown up. It turns out that I turned a lot to my friends. And cupcakes.   Due to an unfortunate timing with a levelup coupon (like groupon, but less cool) at a gluten-free cupcake place, I may have gone a little overboard.

I am, however, home for a couple more days, and have a full on sense of “gung ho” get shit done-ness that can’t compare!  What shall I do?!  What shall I do?!


The Listing List

March 12, 2011

In order to sell this damn house, there is a lot of stuff I need to do. I figured the easiest way to do it is to start a list!

Overall House

  • Get 4 Acrylic Sign holders for the rooms
  • Make Room Signs
  • Make “Pack List” of things to get rid of


  • Plant Grass
  • Wash House
  • Scrub Decks
  • Fix Planter
  • Plant Flowers in front.
  • Fencing in front
  • Remove Bricks
  • Wash all windows


  • Paint
  • Happiness Sign
  • Remove Stool
  • Clean Shoe Holders
  • Fill Shoe Holders (Rocks)
  • Change Upstairs Light

Living Room

  • Remove sidetable
  • Stage Bookcases
  • Remove Shoe holders
  • Sticker over doorway
  • Paint Doorway
  • White Out ceiling


  • Paint
  • Remove/Sell Sewing Machine
  • Remove Tables
  • Chaise Lounge
  • Replace Desk Top
  • Picture for the wall?
  • Clear out Closet



  • Put Table outside
  • Change Light


  • Finish Packing Up
  • Clean Rug


  • Empty Hall Closet
  • Pack Scarves/Clothes

I love my friends…

March 12, 2011

I love my friends. Today I dragged Ch to brunch – and the whole way there we “argued” about me selling the house. I said all the reasons I want/need to – she said all the reasons I should wait.  The funny part is, if I said I wanted to keep the house, she would argue all the reasons I should sell it.  I love that she does that to make sure I know what the hell I’m doing with my life.

After I ran into Je.  She’s going through some tough stuff, and has been hard to get ahold of.  She gave me the best hug ever and wouldn’t let me go. I hope that she’ll let me be there for her while she’s dealing with everything.

Anyway – thought I would share some love.

Sell the House, Don’t Sell the House

March 10, 2011

I’m going crazy. I’m dead set on selling my house so that I don’t feel so tied down and can be in the neighborhood that I want to be in.  *sigh* But nothing is ever that easy. I just bought a nice dishwasher and stove – the kitchen is what I’ve always wanted my kitchen to be. Maybe it’s not so bad?  I walk outside and see the mess my neighbors leave me. Ugh – I want to move. Nice spring-ey day. I can’t wait for a BBQ, maybe I want to stay. I hate yard work. Ugh. I want to move.

I did my budgets.  I feel like I’m in a crappy place with money.  I pay all my bills, I live comfortably, I get the nice things that I need (veggies from a farm, a good gym, etc) – but I live paycheck to paycheck and I have $400 a month left over for groceries/spending.

I sell the house, I can pay off all my debts, pay off my car, and at the end of the day – I live paycheck to paycheck and have about $400 a month left over in my budget. (roommates paying rent cover the extra expenses of a house).

*sigh* What do I do? I feel like I really want to get rid of the house, yet I will miss the house.

Pros of having the house:

  • BBQs – I have an AMAZING yard.
  • The dog gets to run out the door off-leash
  • HUGE awesome kitchen (Wine Fridge, new appliances, etc)
  • Space for people to stay (not that many do)
  • Short Commute (Although, with a car, the North End-Work commute is only 10 minutes.)
  • There is really not much more that can break.

Cons of having the house:

  • Emergency House Expenses – I’m broke!
  • I hate East Boston – the dirty streets and nothing right outside my door to do.
  • Debt.
  • I hate yard work, but can’t afford to hire someone.
  • Renting out the house so I can live in the north end isn’t financially feasible with the debt I have, and I would still be responsible for crap that breaks.

Pros of Selling the House

  • Being in the North End
  • Get rid of ALL debt except Student Loans
  • Being in the North End
  • No More Roommates!
  • Being in the North End

Cons of Selling the House

  • No walking home for lunch.
  • I will get less money now than I would later (But how much really? Appliances will be older, construction will be older)