No Dairy for YOU!

So – one of the things that I OK’d on this trip to Whole Food Veganism (Whole Food Plant Based or whatever you want to call it) was sushi.  I LOVE sushi. I know that I don’t *need* seafood in my diet, but sometimes – I love it.  Let’s just call it my infrequent chocolate cake. It’s not like I’m eating it every day.

So – yesterday we go to our favorite sushi place – two of my girlfriends and I – and we enjoy some sushi. After, they’re getting green tea ice cream.  I want some ice cream too. I remind myself that I am not on this diet to lose weight – but to be healthier…and having a treat for my mental health is OK.  So – I run across the street to grab some from the ice cream place (I hate green tea).  I won’t mention the name of the place, but it rhymes with cold stone dreamery.

Anyway – it’s raining out. I walk in the door, see the little yellow “caution slippery” sign, there are no mats, and BAM! I slip and land right. on. my. knee.  The same knee that has put me in a shit mood cause I can’t exercise.  The same knee that I just had surgery on. The same knee that I am still in physical therapy for.

An ER trip later, I find that my insurance will likely still limit my physical therapy (even though it is almost a “new injury”) AND I really can’t file against these people because I didn’t call the cops when it happened.  So – anytime you are hurt someplace – be ridiculous in your documentation – as you may need it.

That’s what I get for wanting some dairy in my diet.


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