What not to do when you’re stuck at a mall

So – I spent all day at a test (took tons of food) but ended up at a mall after, and starving. What to do?  I guess I should have gone the salad somewhere route….but I hate salads. I went with Thai Lettuce Wraps at the place that rhymes with Pleasecake Factory.  I love them.  About 2 years ago I found them. Questioned the hell out of the staff and found that 1) the noodles were rice noodles, 2) the peanut sauce didn’t have soy sauce, and 3) the meal was generally gluten free.

Now, I’m not even going to go into the fact that there was chicken on the plate that I ate a bit of, but I cleared all the lettuce, noodles, sprouts, carrots, and peanut sauce…just a little of the chicken.

I find out yesterday (as I’m about done with the plate) that 1) the rice noodles are not wholly rice, 2) there is soy sauce in the peanut sauce, and 3) the meal is not even slightly gluten free. What. The. Fuck. People.

So – enter today. I have a bit of a tummy ache (not bad) and definitely have a gluten hangover. I am angry, annoyed, and bit “punchy.”  Grrrr.  Screw you Pleasecake Factory.  That’s what I get for eating chicken I guess.


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